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Tips & Tricks - Hifidelio PRO

Here you will find some tips & tricks in order to take more benefit of the functionalities of your Hifidelio. We also keep you informed about the open issues into which our engineers are currently looking. We work hard for bringing asap a new release version in which the mentioned issues are solved. Update version can be downloaded on Hifidelio either via an active Internet connection or with the help of a Update CD. Please see details on availability of coming software version as well as on new released features from our service pages.

How update my Hifidelio with the Update resp. Service CD?
Where can I find Hifidelio's serial number?
How can I switch off my Hifidelio correctly?
Plug, start, and go!
My hard disk is already half full after having ripping only 30 CDs!
Power down, clock time down!
Network name and password for wireless network
Online CD database
Who are "Leonore" and "Veronica"?
How can I tell my MP3 player to create a folder structure for my music files?
Communication between Hifidelio as a client and iTunes as a server
Signification of the icons of Hifidelio display header
Description of Hifidelio USB keyboard

How update my Hifidelio with the Update resp. Service CD?

The UpdateCD / ServiceDisk (Subscription) helps you update your Hifidelio as follow:

  1. Switch off the Hifidelio by pressing the On/Off button for about 2-3 seconds until the "curtain" starts closing, then release it.
  2. Switch Hifidelio on by pressing the On/Off button and hold down the Play button until Hifidelio's display shows three CD icons and the Hifidelio icon.
  3. Insert the CD into the slot. Please note that Hifidelio waits only about 10 seconds for a CD.
    Then Hifidelio starts using the operating system of the CD and the update procedure is launched automatically.
  4. On successful completion Hifidelio shows a message on the display and has to be restarted in its normal way. Whilst restarting, the CD is then ejected.
Should you need some help for updating your Hifidelio, please contact the Hifidelio team.
Where can I find Hifidelio's serial number?

From software version 2.3, you find the serial number of your Hifidelio under "Settings & Specials", then "Hifidelio Information".
Before software version 2.3, you find the serial number directly from the main menu under function key F1 "Information".

How can I switch off my Hifidelio correctly?

This button switches Hifidelio on or off. Switching off whilst shortly pressing this button puts Hifidelio in a sleep mode with minimal power consumption. Coming back into operation then (whilst shortly pressing this button again) is just a matter of a few seconds.

To switch off Hifidelio completely keep this button pressed for about 2 seconds and release it when the display shows a closing "curtain". Any time you switch off Hifidelio completely or unplug it from the power supply, it needs the initialisation time of about 40 seconds to become operational again.

When turning Hifidelio to sleep mode or switching it off, your Hifidelio remembers its place. The last performed action is carried out after restart. Hifidelio fades out playback at switch-off and fades in the same when restarted.

Plug, start, and go!

Hifidelio is operational. You now want archive your music collection. This can take quite a long time according to the size of your collection. The recording of a CD happens in two steps: Hifidelio first records the music files on the hard disk without any compression or encoding; the second step is the encoding of these files in the chosen format. From that step, you can eject the CD and insert the next one. Please note that both Hifidelio and record icons in the display header are still flashing. This shows that Hifidelio is still encoding the files of the first CD. During this operation, the handling of Hifidelio could be not so quick and smooth as usual. We recommend you giving Hifidelio some more time to work.

My hard disk is already half full after having ripping only 30 CDs!

Don't panic, it's not so. Hifidelio copies the music files of the audio CD first as AIFF file on the hard disk. These files are not compressed and fill up the hard disk very fast. The second operation on Hifidelio is the encoding of the files in MP3 format (if set so). The compressed files are finally saved on the hard disk. After completion of this operation you can check in the info field how big the final files are; the ID tag information also shows in which format the files are saved on the hard disk as well as their size.

Power down, clock time down!

The clock time indication remains unchanged if the device turns to sleep mode (press briefly the On/Off button) or is switch correctly (press the On/Off button for about 2 seconds). If Hifidelio is unplugged from power soccet for a few days, you will have to set clock again.
If Hifidelio is connected to the Internet, you can choose to adjust time information automatically by using network time server (Settings > Date & Time > Time Server).

Network name and password for wireless network

n home network mode you have to enter the network name and password of the already existing wireless network. In Hifidelio mode you decide the network name and password to use for accessing Hifidelio. The login of further devices within the network has to be done with these entries.
We recommend a network name without any specific characters or blanks to make its tipping easier on other systems.
To protect the wireless network from unauthorised access you will have to enter the Key of the existing wireless network.
The Hifidelio and the Hifidelio ST-64 support WEP keys with 64 (40)bit- or 128 (104)-bit encryption. The WEP key format is hexadecimal (from 0 to 9 and from A to F) or ASCII (5 or 13 digits).
Examples for passwords:
- with 64 (40) bit encryption: 0A:41:BE:92:D3
- with 128 (104) bit encryption: 0A:41:BE:92:D3:76:0F:DB:5E:AD:28:8C:AA
We strongly recommend not to use the above mentioned examples. Create your own password.

The WPA encryption uses a key in ASCII format (from 8 to 64 digits).

Online CD database

Online access to freedb is carried out via HTTP Port 80. In case the online access to freedb failed, Hifidelio automatically switches to the freedb integrated to its system in order to find names locally.

Who are Leonore and Veronica?

Leonore is the code name for the browser web interface which is contained in the Hifidelio software version 2.3 and replaces the old layout of this web interface. Leonore is much faster than the previous web interface and allows not only to edit the meta information of songs, but also the complete remote control of Hifidelio . With Leonore, vous can select the songs you want to hear, start the playback and so on.

Veronica ist the code name of the new VNC service. A VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server application is included in the Hifidelio's operating system and allows for the shared use of its screen. A VNC viewer application which runs on a computer interacts with the server and shows the content of the Hifidelio's display and its buttons over the network. Likewise, it transmits the keyboards presses and mouse clicks from the computer to the Hifidelio . Multiple VNC client applications are available for almost all computer operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), as well as for PDA and mobile phone operating systems.
By using this application, you can navigate the Hifidelio as usual, as if you were to be standing directly in front of it.

How can I tell my MP3 player to create a folder structure for my music files?

If your MP3 player supports folder, you should create at least one folder on your player before connecting it to your Hifidelio. Your Hifidelio will then automatically sort out the music files into folders accordingly to the names for artist and album. If the Hifidelio cannot find any folder, it will then consider that this device does not support folders and copy the files without any structure on the player. Please note that an NTFS formatted MP3 player cannot be recognised by your Hifidelio. The Hifidelio recognises FAT, FAT32, HFS+ and EXT2 formats.

Communication between Hifidelio as a client and iTunes as a server

The iTunes software version 7, released mid September 2006, is not compatible with older versions as a consequence of the important changes done by Apple Computer Inc. in the software. Thus, Hifidelio cannot access an iTunes 7 server for streaming the music stored in the iTunes library.
However, the Hifidelio remains compatible with all DAAP servers which fully support the DAAP protocol. Therefore we recommend to install the free Firefly media server software of the company Roku. This software allows to share the iTunes library with other devices. The Firefly software is available at

The communication between the Hifidelio server and the iTunes client is still working fine.

Our development team works on the compatibility with the new iTunes 7 version of Apple Computer Inc. However, it is yet whether possible to say if a compatibility with the version 7 can be established nor when it could be done.

Signification of the icons of Hifidelio display header

The Hifidelio icon shows that the main menu is referring to the music library located on Hifidelio.

Hifidelio system is busy with complex operation, e.g. with the coding of music files.

An audio CD is currently played back.

Hifidelio is currently coding music tracks, e.g. from an audio CD. This action is done at 3 x speed. The coding for one hour music lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, whereas the import of the music tracks is completed within 10 minutes with 10 x speed.

Hifidelio is currently burning the chosen tracks on an audio CD.

Hifidelio is currently writing tracks on other devices, for example on an MP3 player or on the Hifidelio backup hard disk.

Hifidelio has currently access to the network, e.g. to an iTunes server.

The iPod icon is shown in place of Hifidelio's icon: an iPod is connected to Hifidelio and has been selected. The main menu is now referring to the music library of the iPod.

The iTunes icon is shown in place of Hifidelio's icon: an iTunes server is connected to Hifidelio over the network and has been selected. The main menu is now referring to the music library of the iTunes server.

A music track is currently played back, the output volum is turnd on.

Mute is activated.

Random mode is activated.

Repeat mode is activated.

Description of Hifidelio USB keyboard

Please note: This concerns the key assignment integrated from version 1.7 of the Hifidelio software. Changes may be possible in future versions to enhance the overall functionality of the Hifidelio keyboard. The key assignment is the German one (QWERTZ instead of QWERTY).

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