Sehr geehrter Hifidelio-Kunde,
Die Marke Hififidelio wurde im Mai 2018 veräußert an die Novel-Tech GmbH, Steindeckerstr. 2, 91572 Bechhofen. Es wurde hier aber keine Rechtsnachfolge der Hifidelio GmbH angetreten, demnach besteht kein Garantieanspruch gegenüber der Novel-Tech GmbH. Die Novel-Tech GmbH bietet Ihnen eine Datenübernahme/Datenrettung Ihrer Hifidelio-Geräte an und bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit diese Daten auf die Geräte der Marke CocktailAudio zu übernehmen.
Vielen Dank

The maintenance release 2.4.2 is ready!

The Hifidelio firmware 2.4.2 contains the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Self imported music files could contain special characters with a different coding in the meta informations.
  • That could lead to problems when displaying this information with the help of the Hifidelio iPhone App.
  • The meta information is now checked and converted automatically.
  • Whenever the Hifidelio has imported a file or a CD, the internal music library has been written to disc.
  • The speed of this procedure has been optimized. A shut down of the Hifidelio could interrupt this procedure. That is now disabled.
  • While streaming FLAC of AIFF music from a server the skip and back functions are now improved.
  • There was a bug when burning a audio-cd from an AIFF source. That is now fixed.

Some important information for all Hifidelio users:

Since December 2010 the company ShoutCast has changed there business model. With the result that the Internet Radio search function is not working anymore.

We do our best to solve this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately we are unable to tell when this search function is working again. The Version 2.4.2 is not fixing that problem.

In the mean time you may add Internet Radio Stations manually with the function "Internet Radio -> My Stations -> New".

The URL you need for the entry can be found here: Mike's Radio World - Listen live online to over 5000 radio stations

We really hope that we are able to fix this very quick. The best is you're checking our web site from time to time.

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