Sehr geehrter Hifidelio-Kunde,
Die Marke Hififidelio wurde im Mai 2018 veräußert an die Novel-Tech GmbH, Steindeckerstr. 2, 91572 Bechhofen. Es wurde hier aber keine Rechtsnachfolge der Hifidelio GmbH angetreten, demnach besteht kein Garantieanspruch gegenüber der Novel-Tech GmbH. Die Novel-Tech GmbH bietet Ihnen eine Datenübernahme/Datenrettung Ihrer Hifidelio-Geräte an und bieten Ihnen die Möglichkeit diese Daten auf die Geräte der Marke CocktailAudio zu übernehmen.
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The New Hifidelio Firmware 2.4 has arrived

The major change in the Hifidelio 2.4 is the capability to retrieve and store the CD-Cover. When a new CD is imported and the Hifidelio is connected to the internet the software searches with the help of the LastFM Service for the CD-Cover. After the software has found the CD-Cover it is stored within the library. With the help of a PC, Laptop or iPhone the CD-Covers are displayed.

There is a new maintenance feature which allows to retrieve the CD-Cover´s for the existing database. This function can be activated in "Settings & Specials -> Service -> Maintenance -> Scan for cover art ".

For the Hifidelio there is a new iOS Application which allows the control of a Hifidelio with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In order to use this feature the service "External Access" must be turned on.

With the help of a new Veronica it is possible to choose between different themes when controlling the Hifidelio with a VNC Client. If you enter :5901 after the Hifidelio IP Address the theme "Black Coverart" is shown in the VNC window.

The new version is supporting more iPod models which now can be loaded with music from the Hifidelio. It´s also possible to play music via USB from those iPods. Unfortunately  all iPod touch models are not supported.

There are also some bug fixes part of this release. When controlling the Hifidelio with the help of a web browser there was a pause of 5 seconds between the change from one song to another. This is fixed. When the Hifidelio converts songs into the chosen  format and during this task the Hifidelio was turned off and then later  on again there was a chance to encounter start up problems. This issue has been solved.

The changes of the software and the still increasing size of the FreeDB has leaded to some problems by updating via the online update. So we are not into the position to guarantee a seamless online update from 2.3.XX to 2.4. For technical and comercial reasons were are not able to offer the Firmware upgrade to 2.4 free of charge. You may buy the upgrade DVD  in our E-Shop. More information can be found here.

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